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Wood Floor Cleaning in San Francisco, CA

Wood floors are an impressive, beautiful, and expensive investment for your home. They do add value, but that value can go down as the floor starts to get dirty and beat up. That’s where the team here at North American Chem-Dry can step in. We offer a wood floor cleaning service here in San Francisco that has been tested and proven by Chem-Dry corporate to shine up and deep clean wood flooring. We are excited to help you go deeper than simple sweeping and mopping alone to eliminate the dirt and dust hiding deeper in your floors.

hardwood floor dining area and living area with leather and upholstered furniture and area rugs

$159.99 For Two Rooms Up To 300 sq ft.

Reg price is $210.00 you save $50.01, maybe more for wool. Minimum service charge of $159.99  Applies to any service, offers can be combined to reach minimum charge. Offer expires 12/24/2022. Additional restrictions may apply. We reserve the right to change coupons at any time. Please call for more details.



“They were early, after checking with me, floors and counters look great”

Mary A.

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“I just wanted to say what a wonderful company this is.  They do such a great job, so timely, and lovely customer service.  Great offers are sent in the mail, Mike the owner is a sweetheart, and they even follow up after service to see how you like your carpets.  Can’t beat that!”

Josy A.

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“I have been using North American Chem-Dry for many years for both office and home cleaning and have been very happy with their professionalism, flexibility and the quality of their work.”

Milton S,

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Deeper Clean

Our wood floor cleaning service removes dirt, grime, and allergens from deep in the grain of your floors. Plus, we use a special vacuum that helps us to minimize our water use to leave your floors drier and ready for use quicker.


Our wood floor cleaning provides a protective barrier and increases the life and quality of your floors. Plus our industry-leading machine uses counter-rotating brushes to penetrate the wood grain without causing any harm to the surface of your floors for long-lasting results.


This is where we “seal the deal” after providing a deep clean by polishing your floor the right way. Our long-lasting polish not only leaves a protective barrier between your floors and fee but it adds a beautiful shine that makes them look brand new.

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A Breakdown of Our Incredible Wood Floor Cleaning Process in San Francisco

1. Inspect the Floor

Our certified technician will give your floor a deep and thorough inspection to see exactly what we’re working with.

Our process is not recommended for floors with deep scratches, blemishes discoloration, staining, or bare wood floors.

2. Remove the Existing Polish

It’s possible that we won’t have to do this, but after the inspection, we’ll go over it with you to make sure you can make a well-informed decision. By removing any polishing or coating before cleaning, we can extract dirt from the deeper areas of the flooring. 

hardwood floor cleaning in olympia

3. Perform the Deep Cleaning Process

Once we protect your appliances and other property by marking off our work area, your skilled technician will start applying our wood floor cleaner. This will remove dirt, debris, and contaminants leaving your floors healthier and streak-free.

4. Seal the Deal with Our Polish

Once the floor has been cleaned, a polish is then applied. Our polish provides a beautiful shine and a protective layer to prevent future damage to the surface of the floor.


hardwood floor cleaning in san francisco


before and after wood floor cleaning
before and after wood floor cleaning
before and after wood floor cleaning


*We only service San Francisco. Please do not call if you live outside of the San Francisco area.

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