why you need a pro to clean your tileIn the YouTube and Pinterest era, it seems like there isn’t any home project you can’t find instructions for on the internet and do yourself. And while you will find many tutorials about tile deep cleaning, you’re going to want to stay away from them.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t clean your tile. Tile is often found in the dirtiest rooms in our homes, the kitchen and bathroom. This means that not only does it become dingy-looking, but it also harbors bacteria and mold. Cleaning is an essential way to keep your tile and home healthy. Just sweeping and mopping, or wiping it down won’t cut it.

So if you’re not supposed to deep clean your tile yourself, what are you supposed to do? Call in the professionals! Here are five reasons why it’s wise to have tile cleaning professionals take care of your tile, stone, and grout cleaning. 

Professionals Can Remove Deep Down Dirt

Tile and grout are porous, meaning they are full of tiny holes where dirt, bacteria, and more can fester and hide. Your simple surface cleaning does nothing to remove this deep dirt.

A tile cleaning professional, on the other hand, will have the knowledge, equipment, and cleaning solutions necessary to remove dirt and stains deep within your tile and grout.

Additionally, many home cleaning solutions actually leave behind a sticky residue that not only fails to remove dirt but also attracts even more of it. Experts can remove dirt-attracting residue, and won’t leave any behind, either. 

Professionals Apply A Protective Sealant

Most tile and grout is installed with a protective sealant that helps it repel dirt and grime. However, over time this sealant wears off. When you scrub your tile, you’re actually scrubbing the sealant off that helps keep your tile clean. That’s one of the many reasons it’s not recommended to clean your tile yourself.

Experts will also remove this sealant over the course of their cleaning. The difference is that true tile cleaning experts, like those at North American Chem-Dry, will apply a new layer of sealant when they are done. This means that not only is your tile cleaner, but it will stay cleaner for longer.

Professionals Save You Time

Just consider how much tile you have in your home. If it’s like most homes, that’s a lot of tile, and it would take you a lot of time to clean it all by hand. We all can think of a million things you’d probably rather do than scrub tile for hours.

When you hire a professional tile cleaner, you save yourself a lot of time. Plus, experts have the right equipment (and expertise) to get the job done much faster than you could.

Your time (and your knees and back for that matter) are worth the cost of having the experts clean your tile, stone, and grout for you. 

Professional Cleaning Is Cost-Effective

One thing that often deters people from professional cleaning is the cost. While it is much cheaper to DIY clean, it doesn’t pay off in the long run. For starters, DIY cleaning isn’t as effective (and it strips off the protective layer, remember?) so you’re going to find yourself needing to clean much more often, which all adds us. Plus, incorrectly cleaning can damage your tile and cause it to wear out faster, needing to be replaced sooner.

Professional tile cleaning will leave your tile cleaner for longer between cleanings, and those savings really add up in the long run. Experts will also provide recommendations for how to care for your surfaces so you can significantly extend their lifespan. 

Professionals Leave Your Home Healthier

Your tile and grout are likely harboring some hidden germs, bacteria, and even mold. All of this can be a health hazard to your family. Your DIY cleaning solution will not be able to remove all of these contaminants (and if you leave your tile sitting wet for a long time after cleaning, it’s likely that you actually introduce more mold).

Experts will be able to remove these contaminants from your tile and leave your home healthier. In fact, Chem-Dry is proven to remove 98.6% of bacteria from tile, stone, and grout. Our sealant also keeps germs out and makes maintenance easier. 

So How Often Should I Have Professionals Clean My Tile?

It’s recommended to have your tile, stone, and grout cleaned a minimum of once a year. If you have a lot of tile in your home, or messy kids or pets, you should up that to twice a year. 

If you’re looking for professional tile cleaning in San Francisco, you’re in the right place! Schedule your appointment today!