Why Do Carpet Stains Come Back?Have you ever scrubbed a stain out of your carpet, and then had it reappear a few days later? Or maybe you had a carpet cleaner do your floors, and it looked great right after only for the stain to come back after a little while? This is a common but frustrating experience known as reappearing stains. You’re probably asking yourself what causes these reappearing carpet stains, and the answer is a bit more complicated than you might think. There are 3 main reasons why carpet stains and odors can return after a cleaning. We also share our proven solutions to help make sure this problem doesn’t happen again.  

Carpet Wicking

Some carpet cleaners work by using a high-pressure application system to spray their cleaning solution. This high pressure can actually push stains deep into the fibers of your carpets instead of lifting them out. You might not be able to see these stains anymore because they’re so deep in the carpet fibers after a cleaning. However, as the carpets dry the stains are wicked back up the fibers to the surface of the carpet. Once that happens, the stains are visible again. They weren’t ever really gone, they were just hiding.

This can also happen when you clean a stain by hand if you rub at the stain too vigorously and use too much moisture.

Solution: To avoid this issue altogether, try a carpet cleaning method that uses less moisture and pressure, like Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction technology. Less water is needed with this method because millions of carbonating bubbles do the work to lift stains to the surface, instead of pushing them deeper into the carpet. This way, stains are removed for good! 

If you are attempting to clean a stain by hand, be sure to gently blot at the stain instead of rubbing.

Leftover Residue

Sometimes, a new stain will appear where the old stain was removed. This stain might be a different color than the original stain (often a dark brown). What’s happening here is that the old stain isn’t actually returning. Instead, too much cleaning solution was left behind in the carpet, leaving a sticky residue. This residue attracted dirt and other contaminants, creating a new stain in the same place as the removed one.

This can happen with both DIY cleaning solutions and professional carpet cleaners when the wrong cleaning solution or too much cleaner is used.

Solution: Look for a cleaner that doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue, like North American Chem-Dry. Chem-Dry has perfected a unique Hot Carbonating Extraction method that uses the power of carbonation instead of harsh soaps or chemicals that leave behind a residue. 

If you are cleaning the stain yourself, be sure to only use a small amount of the cleaner, slowly adding more if you need to. Rinse the area thoroughly with water and vacuum when you’re done to remove as much of the residue as you can.

Recurring Odors

Another complaint that is related is recurring odors. Sometimes after a cleaning the carpet will smell okay for a few days and then the odor will be back. This often happens when a cleaning company just masks the smell instead of removing it completely. It happens most often with pet urine odors, which can be very difficult to remove.

As pets urinate on carpet—typically in the same spot over and over—moisture penetrates through the fibers to the carpet backing and pad underneath. When the moisture dries, potent, odor-filled crystals are left behind deep in the carpet. Unless these urine crystals are broken down and completely removed, they will continue to stink. An air freshener or scented cleaning products can temporarily mask the smell, but if it isn’t removed it will be back. 

Solution: Look for a cleaner that completely breaks down and removes pet urine. A standard carpet cleaning won’t do the trick, you need a product specifically for pet urine. North American Chem-Dry’s revolutionary P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment)  method breaks down odor-causing urine crystals. Our process has been proven to remove 99.9% of odors from and 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine in carpets.  

Remove Carpet Stains And Odors For Good

Armed with this knowledge, you can ensure that you never have a reappearing carpet stain again!

Say goodbye to your stains for good when you call North American Chem-Dry in San Francisco