5 Things To Look For In A Carpet Cleaning Company

carpet cleaners in San Francisco, CA

Let’s talk for a second about your home’s value and your carpet. The nicer your carpets look and smell, the more valuable your house becomes. That’s why carpet is a big investment that needs to be maintained the right way. Professional carpet cleaning plays a huge role in that maintenance, and a good cleaner makes all the difference. Stepping away from the economic side of carpets, the right cleaner will also be able to keep you and your family healthier. 

San Francisco is certainly not short on carpet cleaning services. With all of them offering such different styles and methods, it can be hard to choose the right one. North American Chem-Dry is here to help you make the right choice with these five things to look out for in a cleaning crew.

How Long They’ve Been in Business

If you were about to fly into a dangerous storm, would you want to use a pilot with 20 years of experience or one who just got out of flight school? Expertise in any field is usually a direct result of experience. You want a carpet cleaner who has seen it all. They’ll know the best ways to get your carpets cleaner than ever before. 

How They Treat People

Longevity usually means that a business knows how to treat others. That’s not always the case though. One of the best parts of living in a digital age is the ability to read and write reviews for a service online. When choosing your carpet cleaner, be sure to read as many reviews as possible. Look at how they respond to the negative ones especially. Often these are just simple misunderstandings, and their response will show you how much they value customer satisfaction and service.

How Much They Charge

Price is a big deciding factor for many people. Most cleaners will offer some kind of virtual or in-home estimate. Please note that if they charge you for the estimate, they probably aren’t a good choice. Ask around as much as you can to try to find an average price point to help you set your budget. From there find the carpet cleaner who most closely charges that price. The most expensive or the cheapest option isn’t always going to be the right one for you. Many of the good carpet cleaners will try to work with you a little or offer specials that you can take advantage of.

Their Carpet Cleaning Method 

Some common complaints about professional cleaning include long dry times, instantly resoils or stains, and nasty chemical smells are left behind. This has to do with the method a carpet cleaner uses. Traditional steam cleaning seems to be the worst-case offender in all of these. Steam cleaners rely on massive amounts of water and residue attracting soaps. You won’t be able to use your carpets for days with that! A cleaner like Chem-Dry will use a Hot Carbonated Extraction method that relies on more natural solutions and dries within a couple of hours. The superior method is pretty clear in this case and is the option you should go with.

Their Environmental Impact

The carpet cleaning company you choose will have an impact on our beautiful planet. Once again the massive amounts of water and chemicals used by steam cleaners can really hurt the environment. The Chem-Dry carbonated cleaning method uses 80% less water making it a greener way to clean. That’s not the only reason why Chem-Dry is a green-certified carpet cleaner though. Our primary solution, The Natural®, is built up of ingredients found in nature making it safe and non-toxic.

Choosing a Superior Carpet Cleaner in San Francisco

Choosing a carpet cleaning company you can trust for a lifetime is easy when you know what’s important to watch for. With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to select the highest quality, affordable service in your area. 

For a top-rated and deeper cleaning for a healthier home, call North American Chem-Dry today! We offer FREE price estimates and long-lasting cleaning solutions.