San francisco area rug cleaningA Basic Guide to Area Rug Cleaning

Have you ever thought just how amazing an area rug is? Their stunning colors, unique textures, and incredible designs add beauty to just about any San Francisco home or office space. But maintaining that beauty can be difficult if you don’t know a few area rug cleaning basics. Lucky for you, the team here at North American Chem-Dry has been cleaning area rugs professionally since the 1980s. We have all of the simple-to-follow tips you need to keep your rugs looking as amazing as the day you bought them.

Create A Routine Schedule

The trick with this is knowing what you can and can’t do to your rugs. Each one has different materials so you’ll have to look up basic rug care tips for your specific rug, but here are a few things that apply to virtually any rug.

Vacuum the rug at least once a week if not once a day. Your rug will absorb a lot of particles and grime throughout the day. The vacuum will help to extract those contaminants but try to avoid vacuuming any fringe or shag sections.

Remove pet hair with a brush. Pet hair tends to wrap itself tightly around the fibers of the rug so a vacuum may not be able to actually get the hair out. Gently use a stiff brush to get the pet hair out for good.

Try to rotate your rugs a few times every year. All of that grime has to come from somewhere, and it’s typically from foot traffic. Daily traffic will take its toll on a rug, so be sure to rotate them to minimize the amount of traffic they see.

Shake them out when you can. It’s a fun way to remove additional particles your vacuum may have missed.

Deeper Rug Cleaning

This doesn’t have to be done as frequently depending on the rug. Again, it’s important to research the exact steps you need to take for your specific rug. The cool thing is that some rugs are actually machine washable. A professional rug cleaner can also be of great service to any rug.

Remove Stains

Stains happen almost inevitably. Your not a bad rug owner if you spill or your pet has the occasional accident on the rug. Just be sure to take care of the stain quickly and properly. You can use store-bought solutions or DIY ones, but for a better way to get stains out of area rugs, we would recommend using a professional service.

San Francisco Area Rug Cleaning

The crew here at North American Chem-Dry is ready to get your rugs cleaner and healthier! We are a top-rated area rug cleaning service in San Francisco, CA, and we clean for your health like no one else. Give us a call today at 415-751-3379 for an appointment.