How to Handle A Dog Accident Even the best dogs sometimes have accidents in the house. Pet urine stains can seem difficult to remove, but don’t panic! We’re experts at removing pet stains from carpets, and we’re here to share our best tips! 

Catch your dog in the act.

You might not think it in the moment, but you’re lucky if you happen to catch your dog in the act of having an accident on the carpet. For starters, it means you know where the mess is without having to step in it later. More importantly, though, you can use it as a teaching moment for your pet. Don’t yell at the dog, because this will just encourage him to be sneakier later. Instead, just say “whoops, outside” and quickly take your dog outside where he normally relieves himself. This will help reinforce the correct behavior. Whatever you do, don’t yell at your dog long after the accident, as they won’t know what they’re being punished for.

Clean the mess as soon as possible.

Pet urine is one of those stains that gets worse (and smellier) the longer it sits. For best results, be sure to act as soon as possible.  Use a paper towel (try to use one without a print as the dye may transfer) to blot up as much urine as you can from the spot in the carpet. You might be tempted to use a blow dryer or similar to dry the urine spot faster, however, this will set the stain and make it impossible to remove.

If your dog also soils anything washable like a small rug or article of clothing, be sure to put it in the wash as soon as possible. Put it through a cold rinse first, and then use a normal wash cycle with detergent.

Take further action.

If the stain or the urine odor doesn’t go away after you clean it up, then you need to take further action. This is important because not only will the smell continue to get worse, but bacteria and allergens can also linger and cause sickness and other health problems if not taken care of. There are few enzyme cleaners that you can purchase at the store that may help, but your best bet is to call in the professional cleaners. Avoid steam cleaning the area as the heat can set the stain and odor. Instead, hire a professional carpet cleaner who specializes in pet accidents to make sure the smell and bacteria are completely removed, like North American Chem-Dry in San Francisco

Figure out why it happened.

Once you have gotten the stain all cleaned up, you can turn your attention back to your dog and try to figure out why they had an accident. Yes, occasionally pets just have an accident out of the blue. Sometimes, though, an accident can point to a bigger issue for your dog. Here are some of the most common ones:

    • Stress. Major life changes such as moving, a new family member, a new diet, etc, can cause distress for your dog, which can lead to accidents.
    • Schedule changes. If your dog is used to being taken outside at specific times and this schedule changes suddenly, it can take some time to adjust. If possible, make these changes gradually, over the course of a few weeks. If you can’t, consider hiring a dog walker to take your dog out at the usual times. 
    • New medications. If you recently started giving your dog a new medication, it may trigger accidents. Check with your vet to learn about potential side effects and to see if they have any advice to prevent them. 
    • Health issues. Recurring accidents may be a symptom of an underlying health problem. If you notice your dog’s behavior changing, be sure to check in with your vet. 

We hope that these tips will help you when your dog has an accident. Pet urine isn’t ever fun to deal with, but it is a problem that you can address and take care of properly. And if you need help removing pet urine from your carpets in San Francisco, give North American Chem-Dry a call.