Bacteria and germs are probably a couple of things you try to avoid most in life. Yet if you’ve ever laid down on your carpet at night, it’s very possible that you were laying down in more than 200,000 bacteria. Believe it or not your carpet is one of the most germ-filled areas of your house. In fact, your carpet contains about 4,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. With more than 30 years of proven experience, the professional carpet cleaners at North American Chem-Dry know how to extract all the germs, allergens, and grime from your carpets to create a healthier home. Keep reading to find out how.

Where Do The Bacteria Come From?

how to create healthier carpets

So where does all that bacteria even come from? Well, there are quite a few ways that bacteria starts to build up in your carpet. Let’s start with shoes. Your shoes collect a lot of bacteria throughout the day. These bacteria might include different strains of E.coli, most of which are harmless, but others that could make you sick. If you walk on the carpet with those same shoes then all of that bacteria will make it’s way deep into your carpet’s fibers. Simply removing your shoes before stepping on your floors is a highly effective way to avoid bacteria build-up. 

A more obvious way that bacteria makes its way into your carpet is through coughing, sneezing and dirty hands. The bacteria you should be worried about here is Staph. It lives in your nose and skin and can easily get into your carpet. The really scary thing is that Staph can lead to a number of illnesses.

Lastly, we’ll talk a little about salmonella. It may not seem like a problem outside of your kitchen but salmonella is actually really common in carpets. It mostly comes when you touch a carpeted area after handling contaminated food. It can also be tracked in from outside and sorry if this is too much information, but it can also be transmitted through pet poop.

How To Take Care Of It


We highly suggest having your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice year, and at least once every three months if you have kids, pets, or asthma. North American Chem-Dry’s professional carpet cleaning service cleans for your health like no one else in San Francisco. In a recent home health study, our method was found to remove 98%* of allergens and bacteria from carpets.

Routine vacuuming is important, but most vacuums don’t have the suction power to remove all of these germs. Our professional carpet cleaning service will not only give you peace of mind about having sanitized carpets, but it will also leave your home feeling healthy, clean and fresh.

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