You hate carpet stains. But sometimes, you drop a cup of coffee, the dog drags in muds, or the kids dump who knows what all over your nice clean carpets. In these instances, you can’t do anything to prevent the spill from actually happening. You need to be able to stop the spill from setting in and becoming permanent stains. That’s where carpet protectant comes in.

What is Carpet Protectant?

Carpet fibers quickly absorb stains, making them almost impossible to remove. Carpet protectant is a protective layer on top of your carpet fibers that helps prevent stains from sinking into the fibers. Protectant alone won’t save your carpet from stains, but it makes so that if you clean stains up quickly enough, they will be much easier to remove.

But My Carpet Comes with a Protectant

You’re probably right. Most carpets come with a coating of factory applied protectant. However, this wears off over time and needs to be reapplied in order to stay effective. Carpet protectant isn’t a one and done thing. If it’s been a while since you bought your carpets or had protectant applied, it’s probably a good idea to do so again. Otherwise, your carpet will be much more susceptible to stains.

Are All Protectants Created Equal?

If you’re depending on protectant to protect your carpets, you want to make sure that you pick the best one. Chem-Dry has spent years developing a carpet protectant that does a better job than many other options out there. Conclusive testing shows that Chem-Dry Protectant provides better soil protection than competing protectors because only Chem-Dry uses an innovative co-application process compared to our competitors who post-apply their protectors after cleaning.

What is co-application? When you choose to add protectant to your Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, the protectant is actually added directly to our cleaning solutions and applied as your carpet is being cleaned. This co-application process means it coats the entire carpet fiber, from the tip to the base, as your carpet is being cleaned, not just the tips like with our competitors.  

Another advantage of our co-application is dry time. Because the Protectant is added at the same time as cleaning, no additional moisture is required, so there is no additional dry time. Carpets are still dry within a couple of hours, as you’ve come to expect and love about Chem-Dry. Our competitors post-apply their protectors, adding more moisture to an already wet carpet and extending the dry time.


If you hate the look of carpet stains, carpet protectant is a must for you! Be sure to apply it as soon as possible, before the spill happens!