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How to Remove Paint from Carpet

There are many ways that paint ends up in carpet. Maybe your little Van Gogh got a little too enthusiastic and painted the carpet instead of the paper. Maybe you're repainting a room and dripped a little bit. Maybe a can of stored painted tipped and spilled. No matter...

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How to Choose Carpets for Kids and Pets

 If you have children and/or pets, it’s inevitable: your carpet will undergo some wear and tear. When you're building or buying a new house or just replacing your carpet, there are some things you want to take into account while picking a new carpet. Here are our best...

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Home Projects that Require Professionals

If you're a frugal or handy homeowner, there are probably a lot of projects around your home that you feel comfortable taking care of yourself. This attitude can save you money, but it can also be dangerous in some circumstances. Here are three home projects that you...

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Carpet Stains’ Worst Enemy

You hate carpet stains. But sometimes, you drop a cup of coffee, the dog drags in muds, or the kids dump who knows what all over your nice clean carpets. In these instances, you can't do anything to prevent the spill from actually happening. You need to be able to...

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Tile or Stone Flooring for Pets?

Whether you're buying a new home or just remodeling an existing home, it's important to think about the type of flooring you want to have. Your floor is an important part of your home, and you use it all day every day. This decision becomes even more important when...

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How to Properly Clean Used Furniture

There's no doubt that it can be a great deal to get used furniture at thrift stores, yard sales, or from friends. However, when you do buy used furniture, you need to make sure that you take the proper steps in order to make sure that the furniture is sanitary before...

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Our Top 6 Home Cleaning Tips

Here at North American Chem-Dry, everything we do is devoted to helping you have a cleaner, healthier home. We don't want you to have to spend hours and hours scrubbing to get your perfect home. That's why we've compiled our best cleaning tips from our...

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Protect Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Protecting your flooring in high traffic places (such as entryways, hallways, and in front of furniture) by covering it with a rug is a great idea. However, how do you protect the rug? Is it just doomed to get destroyed? While it may seem like an impossible task, it's...

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